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Growth Only Coaching was founded by Amir Syed and Justin Lopatin in January of 2022. 

Both are widely considered to be at the forefront of the Modern Loan Officer movement: where the progressive Loan Officer supplements the traditional and timeless principles of offline prospecting (an in-person organic relationship-based business) with online prospecting (organic direct-to-consumer content-to-conversion strategies).

Both Amir and Justin personally funded $150M+ in personal production ($100M+ in purchase business) in 2021 and focus their coaching on 3 principles: Sales, Ops, Finance.


In their experience, they have found that few sales leaders are either credible, willing to share their knowledge and/or have the skill set to effectively communicate their knowledge to others.

The coaches at Growth Only are indeed credible and active producers, living out the 'pay-it-forward' mantra daily and have the skill set to effectively share the nuts and bolts that will increase your loan volume in less time.


If you're looking for quick results, this is not it, but if want a skill set on how to create a business that's built to last, welcome home.

We will help you break through, we will help you win and we will ONLY help you grow. It's GO Time.


What we can do for your mortgage business

Growth Only Coaching is a Loan Officer Coaching company that is lead by active producing and credible Loan Officers that all consistently fund $100M+ yearly, all while only working 40 hours weekly.

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Justin Lopatin and Amir Syed are active, credible producers consistently funding $100M+ annually. Now they are bringing their success secrets to you!

“We were both professionally coached and after surveying the landscape of Loan Officer Coaching companies, we knew our credibility around online and offline origination strategies would stand out and position our Loan Officers to dominate in the next 5-10 years. If you are looking for no non-sense, tactical coaching from credible coaches that will get the best out of you, look no more, we will run through a wall for you and ensure you dominate. The time is now.”  -Amir Syed



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