This is the MOST overlooked pillar of business in the mortgage industry

financial planners growth real estate sales May 06, 2023

We can all agree that Realtors are your #1 pillar of business when it comes to getting referrals. That’s nothing new. But a LOT of MLO’s are missing out on a huge opportunity…


Financial Planners. 


And it’s more than just getting referrals from them so you can conduct your own business. It’s building a mutually beneficial cycle that will set you apart from other MLOs. Here’s what I mean:


Financial Planners need resources. As a Loan Officer, you possess a wealth of information, especially when it comes to homes – their main asset.


Imagine the trust clients have in their Financial Planner's recommendation for a Loan Officer…talk about low hanging fruit.


Once I’ve built and solidified a relationship with a Financial Planner, they often refer me to unrepresented buyers. Here's where it gets interesting:


I get to pick and choose who I want to refer those buyers to, giving me the power to generate a lead for a realtor, versus the other way around. 


It not only makes Realtors more money, it makes me stand out and saves them time.


So here’s a little assignment for you


Tap into your local network of Financial Planners and start cultivating those relationships. Get the cycle started.


- Amir


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