Hate cold calling agents? This script ALWAYS works for me.

business growth cold-calling loan officer sales Jun 24, 2023

As a Loan Officer, cold calling is a great tool to make a name for yourself with Real Estate Agents and to grow your business.

If cold calling makes you nervous or triggers a fear of rejection, you’re not alone. Most Loan Officers feel like that, too. 

But the truth is, in a digital age where it’s easier to just flood inboxes with impersonal emails, a thoughtful phone can make all the difference in making you stand out. 

So today I wanted to share with you the exact script I personally use to land big Agents. It’s the same script I used to land a big $40+ million Agent 10 years ago, and it still works today.


Here’s how it goes:


Hi Stephanie, my name is Amir. It's great to meet you. 

Do you have just 1 or 2 minutes?

You don't know me but I'm a really big fan of yours.

I've been mustering up the courage to call you for some time now.

I'm a local lender, and I know you probably get a lot of calls from lenders, or I know you're probably in a relationship with a few lenders, but before I called you I did a little research and what I love learning about you from your online profile is how you led a $100 million development early on in your career and are still able to juggle yourresponsibility of serving on the school board for your two kids. 

It's really impressive. 

Would you be open to meeting with me for just 30 minutes? 

I think we can do some great things together and I can share with you what I'm doing for my other agents to win in this market.


Why does this work so well? Let’s break it down into 4 parts:



  • Transparency


    • I opened the call with honesty, sincerity, and vulnerability. 


  • Research


    • I did a “pre-call stalk” before I called my prospect so I could personalize my approach. 


  • Proactivity


    • I acknowledged any potential objections (being busy, in-demand, tied down) to show I’m aware that her time is valuable.


  • Value 


    • I positioned myself as a value-add, highlighting there’d be benefits of meeting with me and that I’m already helping other agents win.


Cold calling can seem daunting, but with the right approach, it can give you a competitive edge and forge meaningful relationships. 

And if someone doesn't appreciate your respectful and professional outreach, they're not the kind of business partners you'd want anyway.



So here’s my assignment for you this week:

Give about 5 local agents a cold call using this script this week. Put it into practice and see the difference it can make in your interactions and potential partnerships. Remember, it's not just about making the call; it's about the genuine connections you can establish.



- Amir

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