How building a team helped me scale my mortgage business to $100M+

How building a team helped me scale my mortgage business to $100M+ annually

growth leadership scale Jan 01, 2022

How building a team helped me scale my mortgage business to $100M+ annually:⁣

For the first 7-8 years of my career I was an average “sales person.”

Hiring someone never crossed my mind because I wasn’t ready to be a true leader, I hadn’t developed these skills yet.

I first had to learn to lead myself before I could lead others.⁣

My next step was investing in my own personal development and becoming more consistent in every aspect of my life.

Over time my identity changed and I became more confident, I attracted better people in my life and shed those that didn’t mirror my goals.⁣

There’s an old saying “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” and this was true for me.

I found mentors and coaches to guide me and learned from bigger producers in my industry.⁣

I learned how to create job descriptions, how to have structured daily meetings, how to delegate & audit and how to create culture.

There were definitely some growing pains but those are part of the journey too.⁣

The funny thing is that closing 30-40 loans/mo is actually easier than closing 5-7.

Building a team not only creates capacity but it provides freedom and work-life balance.

I get to go on vacation more and spend more quality time with my young kids.⁣

Big banks are already laying people off as refinances diminish, it’s the nature of our cyclical market.

Now is the time to keep your eyes open for that Admin or Licensed Assistant.

Now is the time to INVEST in your business and pick up more market share.⁣

Think about the pain points in your business and map out a plan.

Write out a job description and envision what your business could look like in 24mos.

Now is the time, YOU GOT THIS! 🙌

-@justin_lopatin (Co-Founder & Principal Coach)