Don't Throw Unqualified Prospect Out the Door, Do This Instead

business structure crm growth sales Jun 10, 2023

Not everyone you work with will qualify. But that doesn’t mean you should toss them aside.

So many MLOs are purely transactional and miss this opportunity to nurture relationships.


Here’s what you should do instead:

  1. Categorize disqualified buyers in your CRM in one of 3 ways:
    1. Inactive
    2. Nurture
    3. Credit Working
  2. Automate unique follow-ups for all 3 of these groups with education and market updates.
    1. Inactive: Provide automated follow-ups with valuable education and market updates to keep inactive prospects engaged and informed.
    2. Nurture: Maintain ongoing communication and offer relevant resources to nurture prospects who may not qualify immediately but have future potential.
    3. Credit Working: Refer to Credit Specialists who guide them towards qualifying for a loan, empowering them to achieve their homeownership goals.

It’s easy to be short-sighted and transactional in this business, but there is huge value in nurturing home buyers in your database.

Remember: Just because someone doesn't qualify now doesn’t mean they won’t qualify later



So here’s your assignment this week:

Reorganize your database accordingly and set those follow-ups and plans in place for each group. See those relationships begin to flourish in the next year.



- Amir


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