New Year, New Actions, New You

goal setting newsletter Jan 05, 2023

I am writing you this first newsletter at 6:21 am on the first day of 2023.

It's my first very first published newsletter and is one of my written goals to start doing this year, which is actually what this first newsletter is about:

How I learned to effectively set goals from a 10-figure mortgage executive ($30,000,000 in yearly income) and how I personally coach all my students to set goals at Growth Only Coaching.

Every year at this time, millions of people have dreams and goals of what they want to do better in their lives. But come March or April, it's back to the old stubborn habits.

It sucks, I've been there. Change is freakin' hard.

 published a study on the most effective way change comes about:

There is something called “intentional change”, it's where you:

  1. Envision the person you wish to be and what you want to be at work
  2. Explore the gaps you need to fill, and the skills required to do so
  3. Engineering a roadmap for turning aspirations into a reality
  4. Experimenting and practicing the required new behaviors.

Lots of steps, I know, but learning how to dissect our goals properly should be taught in our traditional school systems, not how to dissect a frog.

Unfortunately, most people never take the time to write down their goals and if they do, there is no breakdown of the required actions needed to achieve those same goals.

I'm here to change all that to help you change yourself (for the better!

Two Major Goals, 5 Major Activities

Most personal business plans or goal-setting documents are complicated and complex (your enemy) but should be specific and simple (your friend).

Follow these five steps and you'll find yourself as the person you envision yourself to be.


Step 1: Set Your Two Overarching and Clearly Defined Goals


This is so important because complexity is the mother of failure.

Here is a great example of one overarching goal:

"I will fund 100+ Units, minimum, by 12/31/2023"

Notice the power word "will" and the specific quantity (100) and the end date 12/31/2023.


Step 2: Set Five Corresponding Action Items that Fuel Your Two Overarching Goals


This is probably the fatal mistake most make when setting goals: not writing down visceral and congruent action items that actually get the intended outcomes.

Here's a great example of one specific action item that fuels the one overarching goal of funding 100+ units:

"I will call 40+ Realtors every Monday between a 10 am to 1 pm time block with something of value without fail"

Again, take notice of the power word "will", the quantity "40", the time "10 am to 1 pm on Mondays, and the no turning back commitment "without fail.


Step 3: Set Your Intentions on Your Schedule


Now we have to fit it all in.

Show me your schedule and I'll know your priorities.

In conjunction with the above example, literally set a Monday recurring time block from 10 am to 1 pm (the same goes for your workouts, date night, etc.)


Step 4: Review, Recharge, and Preview


Each week (preferably on Sunday night) have another recurring time block of 30 minutes that is labeled the "Sunday Night Ritual" where you review the prior week's results, recharge yourself and plan and preview the week ahead.


Step 5: Accountability


Okay, you're not off the hook just yet. If you've completed steps 1-4, bravo, BUT, what will get you to stay the course is an accountability component.

Find someone you trust, share these goals with them, and have them hold you accountable weekly to them.

This person is sort of like the bumper guards to the bowling ball.


That's a wrap, you're on your way to crush 2023! ...and since you've come this far, I have a gift for you. Here is your very own editable Business Goals Document and Example.